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Capt. Tommy prides himself on being a lot more than a fishing guide. He teaches you everything you need to know so you can strike out on your own one day.

He takes the time to show you how to rig your rod and reel, bait your hook, cast, and how to reel in your prize without losing it all the time.

At TommyBoys Charter Services our goal is for you to not only have a memorable experience, but for you to come to love fishing and the outdoors as much as we do.

The Real Boss

Cherry: The wife, the big cheese, THE BOSS!

Cherry is the CEO, CFO, and general pain in Capt. TommyBoy’s rear, but she owns the company so he just deals with it.  Cherry also designs and produces our marketing materials, answers most of your questions and tells Capt when he’s doing things wrong. Apparently after 31 years of marriage she thinks she knows he doesn’t have a brain.
Who knows?  Maybe she’s right.